Gabi Shai – International Courses Director


Gabi (Gabriel) Shai, B.Ed. graduated from the Academic College in Wingate, is a retired officer of the Israeli Security Agency, specializing among the years in the various fields of security and counterterrorism.

Completing his studies in Physical Education (1973 - 1976), after years of  Krav-Maga training at Wingate under the supervision of Grandmaster Imi, Gabi was hired by the Wingate Institute as director of the "General Sports Instructors' Course"  for marginal youth. Having Grandmaster Imi as the Krav-Maga instructor in this special course, Gabi, had the opportunity to serve as Imi's assistant in his weekly workouts.

In 1977 Gabi joined the IDF serving, among other functions, as a Krav Maga and physical fitness instructor, acting in the last months of his service as assistant of Grandmaster Eli Avikzar, commander of IDF Krav-Maga  department.


In 1980 Gabi started his carrier at the Israeli Security Agency as a Krav-Maga and Operational Fitness instructor. During his 16 years of service, Gabi fulfilled several functions related to the operational training of special units, specializing in turn, in the various branches of security and counterterrorism. Gabi, being the director of Krav-Maga department in the Agency, developed modern concepts of operational and comprehensive training, based on traditional Krav-Maga, adapting the training method to the requirements of the various operational factors.

After his retirement in 1996, Gabi continued the methodological development of the "Advanced Methodology for Operational Training" (AMOT), fundamentals of the Operational Krav-Maga, expanding the philosophy of Krav-Maga in several countries around the globe, becoming, in recent years, a member of the professional team of the Academic College at Wingate, acting as International Projects manager, coordinator and instructors, for foreign international  Krav-Maga instructors.

Bachelor of Education - Academic College at Wingate.