Self-defence Instrutor’s Course

for Gender Violence Prevention

Basic Self-defence Course

Self-defence Instructors Course tailored for female Krav-Maga & Martial Arts Practitioners

  • Acquisition of methodological basic skills for self-defence training  
  • Adaptation of the basic skills of traditional Krav Maga, to the requirements of personal defence for women.
Advance Self-Defence Course for Gender Violence Prevention

Course program has been adapted to provide Krav-Maga and Martial Arts female practitioners, the required knowledge for gender violence prevention.

Additionally to the various educational and methodological components, participants will acquire the specific knowledge for the prevention of gender violence, including early identification of possible aggression, preventive behaviour and violent incidents management, providing, in turn, the tools required for self-defence in the case that physical violence is inevitable.

Graduated will be granted with an official diploma issued by de Academic College at Wingate. 

  • The duration of each course separately is 4 days.
  • There is a possibility of integration of both courses, in a special 6 days training.
  • The courses are suitable for Krav Maga and Martial Arts practitioners, possessing a minimum of year and a half of practical experience.