Avi Abeceedon – Head of Krav-Maga School

Avi Abeceedon has been practicing Krav Maga and Krav Magen for over 35 years. In 1978, Mr. Abeceedon was awarded his first Black Belt in Krav Maga by the founder of Krav Maga’s top student at the time and founder of K.A.M.I. (Israeli Krav Magen Association), Mr. Eli Avikzar. Currently Avi holds the rank of Eighth (8th) Dan. He served as Vice Chairman of K.A.M.I for 15 years.After the death of the founder, Mr. Abeceedon was appointed Head and Chairman of K.A.M.I worldwide. Avi coordinates all aspects of the Martial Arts programs at the Wingate College for Physical Education and Sports which includes all recognized Martial Arts. In this capacity, he runs yearly and condensed courses for coaches, instructors and senior coaches. Mr. Abeceedon is a certified Krav Maga and martial arts instructor and coach. He received his senior teacher diploma from the Wingate College for Physical Education and Sports.During his extensive military service (including active and reserve service), Mr. Abeceedon served as the Deputy Head of the Krav Maga section of the Israeli Defense Forces, and then furthered his scope to take charge of the Israeli Naval Commando Elite force in tactical and combat self-defense. During this period he also trained a number of other elite units in the field of Krav Maga. Since 1992, Mr. Abeceedon has been the Head of the Tactical and Combat Self Defense section of the largest school for training security guards in Israel, which has the official approval of the Ministry of Police. In addition, Avi is a professional advisor to the Israeli Army on unarmed combat, as well as certain other National Defense groups.


Avi Abeceedon Experience

During 1992-1996, Mr. Abeceedon commanded 25 instructors who taught and trained security guards for all of the educational institutions in Israel. He also gives seminars to female instructors that teach self-defense in Israeli schools.

Since 2002, Mr. Abeceedon has coordinated all Krav Maga courses for security guards for the Ministry of Transportation, the Port Authorities in Haifa and Eilat, the Ministry of Postal Services and the Israeli College for Security and Investigation. He is involved in preparing personal security for dignitaries and political persons both in Israel and abroad.

Mr. Abeceedon is currently in charge of reorganizing the Instructor Program for Security and Self-Defense in the Department of Prisons, which includes training officers in the various facets of self-defense.